BELAVA® Pro Foot Massager, W/ Heat & Vibration (DEMONSTRATOR) - BLACK

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Designed to withstand heavy-duty salon traffic, the professional version Foot Massager with 3 levels of heat and oscillating vibration. The Pro Foot Massager is lightweight, reliable, and portable. It comes with many convenient features like : anti-splash control, automatic shut-off, and can be used for dry massages or combined with foot soaking pedicures. Readers' Choice Award Winner!

Belava Pro Foot Heater/Massager comes with complimentary Belava Pedicure Tub and 20 Disposable Pedicure Liners to start worry-free hygienic pedicure treatment with spa-like comfort.


  • Perfect for a mobile pedicure

  • Easy to clean with rubbing alcohol

  • ETL listed & CE certified

  • Anti-splash control

  • Automatic shut-off safety feature: Massager will automatically power down to stand-by 35 minutes after it has been turned on & heater will power down to standby after 45 minutes of use 

  • Designed for professional use, reliable and sturdy

  • Alternative to costly pedicure thrones - no plumbing or installation required

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Color of the product Black