BSN® LEUKOPLAST® Soft White - Non-woven hypoallergenic adhesive bandage (1) 6 cm x 5 m

Product # 3000132

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    •Comfortable and safe for the patient, it will stay in place for the duration of treatment.

    •Skin friendly adhesive.

    • Highly breathable.

    • Permeable to air and water vapour.

    • Highly absorbent, low adherent wound pad.

    • Latex Free.


    Additional Information:

    •  Latex content:  Latex-Free 

    •  Brand:  Covermed® 

    • Feature / Property:  Non-Woven, Roll, Skin Friendly Adhesive, Highly Breathable, Air/Water Permeable, Highly Absorbent/Low Adherent Wound Pad 

    •  Length:  5m