BELAVA® Trio Foot Spa - w/ Heat & Vibration - Black

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    The all-in-one elegant pedicure bowl with built-in heat & vibration. The Pedicure Foot Spa "Trio" in black comes with pedicure tub insert and 20 disposable liners. The "Trio" stands for: 1) bowl + 2) pedicure tub + 3) 20 disposable liners

    ! Trio Bowl is an electrically operated heater/massager, and is not designed to contain water or other liquids, nor to withstand contact with any harsh chemicals. Use pedicure tub insert with disposable liners for soaking feet in pedicure services.


    • Heat & Vibration

    • Safe & sanitary

    • Easy to carry tub insert

    • Lightweight & mobile

    • 100-240v, 2.0 A, 50/60 Hz

    • 6 month manufacturer's warranty

    • Made in USA